Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Georgian Bay Re-visited

I spent the first part of my working life in Canada’s armed forces. My first trip on Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship was west along the St. Lawrence River, through the Welland Canal, up the Detroit River and eventually into Lake Huron and a final destination of Midland, Ontario.

It is now 28 countries, and quite a few years later, and I am back in Midland and the eastern Georgian Bay again. This time it is all fun, however.

In my last few entries I have been giving my friend and guide on this trip, Ethan Meleg, a hard time. Let’s just say it was an adventure in more ways than one, and in five years from now these yarns will be so embellished they will be the stuff of legend.

In addition to having a good sense of humour, Ethan knows this corner of Ontario better than any photographer I know. Should he offer a workshop here, get yourself booked ... I doubt you will find another photographer better qualified.

So rather than pick on Ethan any further, I will just say thanks for a couple of great days shooting along the shores and islands of the Georgian Bay. I have no doubt the following images would not have been possible without Ethan leading the way.